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Time Was Like Water, But I Was The Sea

Cedar, Fabric, Basalt and Granite Stone

Completed / Beginning: 2022

Time Was Like Water is an architectural installation bringing attention to the Fieldstone, a representative of Glacial and Geologic Time. Three stones, basalt, as well as blue and pink granite, sit within the wooden structure. Five sheets of fabric are suspended above them, visualizing the wind through the prairie. As these sheets bend in the wind, they continuously create a new architecture, breaking the hard lines of the structure and gently falling back into place. 


Commissioned as a part of 4Ground: Land Art Biennial, the piece lives within the prairie at The Acreage At Osceola. Fieldstones represent a period of Glaciation; a time when water, in the form of glaciers, transformed the landscape forever. This work offers a multi sensory experience to meditate on how these stones were transported across the landscape and lifted from tilled soil. We hope for Time Was Like Water to be a touchstone for conversations around Glaciers and offer a starting point to begin to see their affect on the landscape all around us.

A huge thank you to everyone out at The Acreage for their support and guidance through this entire project. 

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