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From You To Me

Cedar 6x6, Tile, Basalt Boulders, Vases of Roses

Completed: 2022


Comprised of roses, lumber, tile, and stone, From You To Me considers the complex and ongoing relationship between these elements to draw out new understandings of time and naturalness. How do we define these words and what if we began to look at them from the perspective of roses or stones? The multitude of relationships on display in the work call into question how we see time and naturalness within our world. Are the roses, grown in long farmed

rows, more natural than the lumber due to the wood’s dimensional sawed appearance? Is the tile any less natural than the boulder though they were both at some point blown from the hillsides and transported along the highways in semi trucks?


Over the course of this exhibition, each material will be a representative of a different timescale. The flowers will wilt and dry and in the same period of time, the stone may appear completely unchanged. Each time you view From You To Me, you will be witnessing a new sculpture with an ongoing set of relationships to be considered.

20220629From the Earth Exhibition__lentsphotography_C29A1617-HDR.jpg
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