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Franconia Commons

cedar, railroad tie, telephone pole, basalt boulder, yucca, queen of the prairie, joe pye weed, goldenrod, prairie drop seed, yarrow, silver mound, coreopsis, milkweed, swamp milkweed, aster, big blue stem, little bluestem, culvers root, prairie smoke, blazing star, service berry

Completed/Beginning: 2020


Commissioned in 2020 for Franconia Sculpture Park, this garden was created alongside the construction of Franconia Commons Building. A new addition to the park, the Commons Building includes the welcome center, event space, gift shop, and gallery. The Commons Garden, then, serves as a place for picnics, events, and performance.

Inspired by the open, experimental, and creative nature of the sculpture park, the garden is designed to be a non-prescriptive, open ended experience. Various platforms set within the garden are part bench, table, and stage. Created with materials from 'the pad', where the sculptures in the park are created, we found telephone poles, old beams, and railroad ties to nestle in alongside prairie inspired plantings. 

Thank you to Franconia Sculpture Park, the intern artists, employees, and friends that all put many hours into this project.

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