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Work Site: Stillness / Growth

cedar, limestone, cedar shakes

Completed/Beginning: 2020


Commissioned by Silverwood Park in 2020 to offer a reprieve for those working from home, this piece provides a small shelter, complete with stool and desk, inviting folks to work within it.


Set within a grove of Oak Trees, Worksite: Stillness / Growth takes its name from the oak saplings strewn about the understory. Simultaneously in a constant state of growth, but to the naked eye, appearing perfectly still.


While it was established with the intent to get people outdoors who were stuck within newly created home offices, this workspace does not limit itself within the framework of the capitalistic word ‘work’, but rather, is intended for an open definition of ‘work’, such as the work it takes to grow an oak tree.


When we visit the site, often times it is used by visitors who are reading, or writing, or eating lunch with a friend. When staring down ecologic collapse, a global pandemic, and a relentless requirement to be connected online, perhaps quite pursuits of reading, lunching with a friend, or just sitting perfectly still are the most important forms of work.

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Silverwood_3 copy.jpeg
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