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Variations on Becoming


Completed/Beginning: 2020


Created during Tom's fellowship at Franconia Sculpture Park in 2020, Variations on Becoming sits directly within the 40 acre prairie with a winding path leading visitors to the site. Inspired by the experience of sitting within a hunting blind, we found the experience of sitting completely still and completely silent within the environment elicits an entirely different way of seeing it. 

Each day, visitors walk through the park, perhaps sitting to give their feet a rest and look around briefly. But, Variations on Becoming in intended to offer intentional space for viewers to spend prolonged time within the prairie. The minimal, rigid structure is meant to offer a contrast to the lush, maximalist landscape it sits within. Looking out from the structure, you can see goldenrod, bergamont, conflower and asters, bluestems and indian grass, the insect and bird life it supports, and the endless breeze that wades through The Prairie. 

Franconia_2 copy.jpg
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