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Tea House with Bridge

Cedar, Birch Plywood, Metal Siding, insulation, treated 6x6, treated 2x6, windows, tatami mats, door, rubber ceiling, corten steel, weatherproof screws

Completed/Began: 2021


Set within the fescue laden hillside, Tea House with Bridge offers multiple uses and entrances to engage with it. It's interior is lined with baltic birch plywood, offering a minimal and bright interior, tatami mats are recessed into the floor to create seating space for tea, and a large 6'x6' picture window invites a swell of sunlight into the room with a view into the wooded backyard. 

At it's entrance, a cedar platform with two corten steel garden beds offer a pop of color against the white metal siding. The bridge connects existing backyard patio to the roof of the tea house, serving as a bright and open gathering space for visit with friends and family. 

For a family of four, this space is a private getaway, clubhouse, event space, and stage. We're proud not only of the design, but the craftsmanship that creates ongoing points of interest and beauty inside and out.


Thank you to Brendan Barrett, Jonathan Chiu, and William Lanzillo, who helped make this project a reality.

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