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Phalen House

Cedar, maiden hair fern, irish moss, blue stone stepper, russian sage, japanese forest grass, dwarf iris, lambs ear, snakeroot, bleeding heart, ostrich fern, american royal fern

Completed/Began: 2021


This project was a wonderful lesson in working alongside the existing landscape. We wanted out design to uplift the already beautiful existing plant life, offer better sights lines, and create more opportunity to see what was already there.When visiting the garden for the first time, we were greeted by a large koi pond with decaying bridge, an expansive weathered brick patio, and now over-grown garden. Formerly owned by two gardeners, the years since had not been kind to these elements and they were beyond repair.

Knowing we had to remove the pond, which had begun constricting existing evergreen roots and become quite swampy, we decided to keep the footprint and install a rain garden. Taking our lead from the previous garden, we kept the beautiful evergreens seen above and allowed them to lead the design. A new bridge replaced the previously crumbling infrastructure while keeping the same motion through the space. 

Our center platform is set within a mixture of grasses and ferns meant to fill in the understory and create a depth of color and texture. We want this space to feel truly within the garden, rather than the garden being relegated to the outer boundaries.

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