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Long Bench


Completed/Beginning: 2022


This project was completed for a young family in South Minneapolis with a one year old child. It got me thinking about growing spending time on my grandparent's backyard patio. Similarly, a basic wooden framed deck, maybe one or two steps off the ground, but I remember how that space was the most beloved 'room' of the house. We would eat most meals out there when possible, did our arts and crafts projects at the table, and sat on pink plastic adirondack chairs with my grandfather.

We are inspired by thinking about the future memories this family will create sitting in the space and how something that, at face value, looks like rather basic can be so impactful. We wanted to create a sense of visible connection between the structure and the home, as well as a sense of playfulness and open interpretation for the space. We decided on the long bench, serving as part shelf / part seat / part diving board into the garden. 

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