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Serenity Now!

cedar, re-used pavers, blue trap rock, concrete steppers, steel edging, premium mulch, plastic paver edging, pagoda dogwood, korean fir, sea green juniper, glossy black chokeberry, rhododendron,regent serviceberry, russian sage, bleeding heart, purple coneflower, canadian columbine, wild lupine, japanese forest grass, oak sedge, maidenhair fern, ostrich fern, american royal fern 

Completed/Beginning: 2022


Our first project of 2022, this backyard in south Minneapolis was entirely grass, most of which was already dead or dying when we arrived. We removed about 50% of the lawn, replacing it with native perennial plants that will invite the bees and birds back into the yard, as well as create seasonal interest in the space throughout the year.

The previously existing deck had become decayed, peeling it's paint, and ultimately not providing the welcoming space we were looking for. New cedar boards were installed along with a pergola and open stair design to invite guests onto the platform to congregate. 

We hope over the years that this garden grows into an abundant contributor to the local ecosystem, offering opportunity for all things, human and non-human, to gather. 

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