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Boulder Room

found boulders, blue trap rock, steel edging, cedar, witch hazel, gray dogwood, baptisia, blue vervain, joe-pye weed, yellow headed coneflower, culvers root, bee balm, cardinal flower, meadow blazingstar, prairie sage, side oats grama, purple prairie clover, butterfly weed, shooting star, wild lupine, little bluestem, blue grama, sky blue aster, silky aster, white upland aster, prairie smoke, canada mayflower, stiff goldenrod, big bluestem, lady fern 
Completed/Beginning: 2022


We are endlessly inspired by the work and writings of Lee Ufan, Kishio Suga,and other artists of the Mono-Ha movement. However we feel we really leaned into it with this one. Based on the idea of presenting things within the world as they were, Mono-Ha, translated to School of Things, is based on the idea of presenting objects as they really were.

We began this design knowing there were many boulders, visible and buried, within the existing garden space. We felt a desire to create a garden that uplifts these stones and presents them the way a sculpture garden might present a sculpture. When we met this stone, partially buried in the soil, we knew we wanted to build the design around it. 

We removed the entire front lawn in favor of a native, lush, prairie inspired plant design. These plants will grow up to surround our boulder room, creating a sense of interior and discovery when wandering through the space. 

Planted in the fall of 2022, please join us in practicing patience while we anxiously await the growth of this garden in the years to come.

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